Attend KATA or BBAA Training?


The connecting factor is that both are purely for learning Animation by the same organizers, completely for meaningful use.
The differences?
Lets walk through them together below.

Targeted LearnersChildren Age 6 to 15Adults Age 16 and above
Class StylePhysically based, after school & weekendsOnline & Recorded videos, all week long
Class strengthA minimum number required to launchYou can start your class alone
Duration1 to 3 months2 to 6 months
Fee StructureRelatively AffordableMore Expensive
Course StructureLearn any 2 skills but crash trainedLearn 1 skill but detailed
Swap StrengthAdults can be in children's classes if they just need quick hints here and there.Children can be in Adult classes if their IQ can handle it.
After TrainingCan work with us on minor projectsCan work with us on major projects

Bottom Line

Both systems will help us achieve our dreams of inciting an hunger for creative excellence in the animation space and also give us an opportunity to work alongside great and remarkable minds as we explore its capacity for solving informative, educative, business and social challenges of this age.


Make up your mind and get moving but do not stay static with your imaginations!