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What You Need To Get Trained


For you, as a kid or teen to be able to get trained in Animations with us, you will need to check all on the list below and observe the gadget advice at the end of the page:

  1. Get parental acceptance and involvement. Be sure your parents or guidance agrees to your wanting to learn these skills. Their involvement will be required at the appropriate time for payments and form filling, so if they don't give the go ahead, you cannot join us.
  2. Have a computer (preferably a laptop for easy of movement) to use. See specific specs at its section below.
  3. Be available to attend classes either after school or weekends. Our timetable will fall within these times.
  4. Based on your personal interest or abilities, you will need to pick a skill each out of the 12 available ones from the MAJOR and MINOR list to be trained on. Lots of time won't be spent on the minor but enough to get you independent and maximize the position.
  5. Be between Age 6 and 15 with clear abilities to do the basics for your skill of interests. Click here to read about the skills and what you need to know ahead of them.
  6. Live in the state that we are visiting. Click here to know the current state and details.

To crown your efforts if you are exceptional at this, you will get an automatic employment opportunity to work with us remotely without distracting your school and other academic workload, this is optional. We consider it an opportunity to perfect your skills with real time projects and still get paid for profitable projects. 


    Accepted trainees are expected to have this for their personal use:- A LAPTOP.

    Just that; and well, your basic stationeries and the passion to learn and work after it. (Sound and Video editors would need their own earpiece set)
    Oh! It would be relieving for us both if you have a smartphone too.

    Preferred Laptop Specifications:
  • Windows 7 to 10 operating system 
  • At least 4gb RAM 
  • 300gb free hard disk space and 
  • Any capacity of GPU (integrated or dedicated). 
  • Where possible, we can help to upgrade your system but at your cost.

    Most courses recommended for MAJOR Course selections should preferably have at least 8gb RAM systems (Which ones are MAJOR courses again? Check here quickly).

    Also, 64bit systems are preferred to 32bits but okay if you can only access the latter.