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A Note From My Heart

Words would never be enough to express this but if you wake me at any time and ask, without hesitation, I will find words in an attempt to help me convey my innate hunger to find more use for creativity.

Why are some people so good with colors? or stories? or concepts? or ideas? It never seems to end, while you think you have met the most talented of all, there is still one just walking into the room.

I consider myself a woman of talent but one strand that keeps me focused is the need to make it worth the while, however, long it takes.

By this, I learn endurance, patience, humility; I seek to know more, to care more and to pay more a price than I could think I can pay. May take forever but I will blot that out and keep my focus on the next step infront of me and do it right; and just at the seeming end of forever, a new endlessness will begins.

I see animations as a remarkable platform that all kinds of artistes can find relevance with. Actors, singers, dancers, artists, computer nerds, craftsmen etc and in my country, eyes are yet to discover the treasures in this alone. For with this, reforms can be deeper and faster, relationships can be stronger and fun, life can be fulfilling and worth it.

In business, education, entertainment, spirituality and whatever else man has come to seek, Animations can deliver a wide bridge of access to their actualizations, and I am sticking my butts for this.

This is one of the reasons, I have taken it upon myself to learn and then teach. To spread myself thin for those with greater strength, talents, foresight and skills to catch some ignition from my starting fire and run far and achieve much more from its fierceness.

Hence, my training drive. Let more people be exposed to not just the concepts but right tools and skills to annex it excellently and if I be fortunate, I will have my dream mega team of a hundred and twenty one creative artists trained through my network, who will stick with me and shake with me, the world at large with its roots firmly in Africa. 

121. Could be more but can't be less and here I am with 1 out of the 121. The journey is began!

So, hopefully, you will find connection with either BASA or KATA, for with this two babies; I hope my wings fly higher and stronger. When we are up in the sky, we will keep looking at what is sky to the sky and keep soaring. 

Join me.

Abisayo O.

This is my reason for the training academies.

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