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How Your Learning will take place

  This academy focuses on training Nigerian children within the ages of 6 and 15 who have the potential to be exceptional in 2D and/or 3D animation by visiting them in their states for ease of knowledge transfer.

Our first strategy to achieving this will be to determine a state per time to visit and run the training at a designated location for 1 to 3 months depending on minor other factors.

This is one of the strong reasons why participants are preferred to have a specified laptop in the stead of a desktop computer for ease of mobility. Click here to review what kind of gadgets you need based on your skill interests.

There are 12 clearcut skills that makes a reasonably complete team for our kids, we have given them the opportunity to be able to learn 2 of them at a time. One as a major, the other as a minor. Read more about this here.

In case you are wondering how your acquired skills will fit into the big picture of creative animated productions, go and check out this post showing where everyone fits in.

Once your state is nominated. A new form will be shared to all verified voters and interests in the state where details to what courses of interest and fees will be entailed.

A location would be fixed averagely centered to the prospect learners' locations and date will be shared.

We would also have a liaison in the state to whom you can relate and be comfortable.

Once form is filled and submitted. A class schedule will be out.

Training will commence after school and weekends according to the specified timetable, but the social conditions of the environ will be considered in scheduling classes.

Daily, major and minor classes will be treated with 70% time allocated to major skills and the rest to the minor skill selected. We have a guide here to help with smoother skill selection but ultimately, the learner is free to select any course as major or minor whether they are directly complementary or not.

Printed study materials and workbooks will be given to the learners.

Relevant work study activities will be shared with the website from time to time as classes progresses.

This is pretty much everything for now.