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Training Categories

A trainee is trained intensely at one major and minor skill area and functions in same. The skills under MAJOR classification receives more attention due to the likely higher intensity needed. All skills encompass excellency in both 2D and 3D, where relevant.

The Combos recommended below is only for advice purposes based on perceived suitability. Trainees can pick any combination of choice.

Skill Classification

MAJORStoryboarding/Animatic (2D), Animation, Modeling, Visual Effects/Simulation, Composition, Texturing-
MINORLight Designs, Rigging, 3D Filming, 3D Video Editing, Sculpting, Sound Designs-
COMBO 1Storyboard+ Sound design; Animation + Rigging;16hrs Weekly X 2 Mths
COMBO 2Modeling + Sculpting; Visual Effects + Light Design16hrs Weekly X 3 Mths
COMBO 3Composition + 3D Filming; Texturing + 3D Video Editing16hrs Weekly X 2 Mths

You can make custom mix of courses and duration will be recalculated but the recommended is highly recommended.

=No skill is really more important than the other. They just require different levels of technicalities, hence, the classification.

=For details on what background knowledge you need to have for your choice skills to be approved (actually very important that you clarify), click here.